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Who is Your Tribe in the Era of ‘Me-Commerce’?

They say the onset of Facebook has changed the rule from 6 degrees of separation to a norm of now 4.9 degrees of separation. I see this as a sign that the world is literally becoming more connected. That’s why we, as marketers, have moved away from mass advertising to micro-location-based targeting within communities of read more »

It’s not social, It’s human

I've spent a lot of time on the sidelines with social.  I'd come up with thousands of excuses. Among them, "I'm not a teenager," "it's too hard," "I spend too much energy on email already," and on and on. At some point, I realized there were no more legitimate excuses. So I opened a Twitter read more »

Tapping into the Human Spirit

Every time the Olympic Games come around, I’m reminded why I love it: The spirit, the competition, the drama – the whole vibe is nothing short of contagious. The London Olympics this summer were made up of many moments when the whole world seemed to connect and collectively engage. Among my favorites: the first Saudi read more »