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Personal ad: Marketer seeking brand advocates

Creating connections with customers takes work—just like any relationship. So what does it take these days to attract a loyal customer? A nice ad, a good website, a big discount, a special premium, or a personal phone call? How about a dozen roses? That's the problem today. It takes all of the above—and even the read more »

Turning Photo Sharing Into Brand Building

Have you noticed that we have become a snapshot-obsessed, photo-sharing world? Facebook, Instagram, Path, and the new darling of social… Pinterest are taking over. Content across the social web has become more visual than ever before.   I have to admit, up until recently, I found Pinterest about as compelling as my daughters latest diarama read more »

Getting Real About Mobile: Avoiding “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Everywhere you look, businesses are talking about the growth of mobile—and how it's changed the fundamentals of communication and commerce. In fact, by 2015, more people will use a mobile device to access the Internet than a computer.  As marketers, we need to consider how this phenomenon changes the game. When assessing mobile, most of read more »