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It’s a Digital World. Let’s Embrace it.

A few years ago, I was on a conference call when I started to feel uneasy. I suddenly realized that I understood almost none of the conversation. Geotagging? Ad networks? Ad retargeting? What's all this talk of data? I thought I'd gotten into marketing! Sound familiar?  I would assert many marketers have trouble making the read more »

The Content Wars

In today’s hyper-connected world, the winners of the content wars will be the brands who have created and shared exceptional content.   The best brands recognize that people – not ads or messages – are the new voice of their companies.    In a crowded digital landscape, it has become harder than ever to ignite read more »

The Digital You

It's tough to have a generic name these days. As a John Thompson or Mary Lee, you’re competing against a universe of peers for 'findability' in the digital world. I got lucky, I just have one doppelgänger named Tami Cannizzaro, so it’s pretty easy to find me on Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter. But does it read more »