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I’m in love…

I often find myself wondering, what is it that drives brand loyalty? I have a theory that falling in love with a brand is only two steps removed from actually falling in love. I came to this realization not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but because I’m currently having a torrid love affair with read more »

A second chance to make a first impression

It’s remarkable what you can do with technology in the area of digital targeting these days. After recently completing a pilot on, retargeting proved to be a cost-effective solution that generated impressive results in click through, conversion, and sales rates. Amazingly, when comparing ad-retargeting sites to a control group, they were 5x more effective. read more »

A marketer’s confession of past sins

Since IBM's CMO study came out a few months ago, we have received many requests to tell IBM’s marketing story. What are we doing differently today? How are we managing the data explosion? How are we using analytics to determine the best way to connect with empowered customers?   As a marketer, it can be read more »