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Who Is In Your Fan Club?

It used to be that a great ad campaign was enough to make your company successful. Today, the world has been turned upside down. The guy next door—your customer, neighbor, employee, or friend—may be the most vocal and visible face of your brand.

As marketers, our job then is to turn everyday consumers into advocates and lovers of our brands. So we need to make a huge change in how we connect. The most effective marketing these days features true fans—real people instead of actors, with genuine stories instead of paid testimonials.

We’re living in an age when paid advertising can easily sound hollow if it’s not delivered by a company that exudes a strong, authentic brand promise from everywhere—that includes employees as well as customers and loyal fans. Ask any Yankees fan. They are as loyal as hell—more so than any paid sponsor. And when fans spread the word, other people are more likely to listen.

So here’s my advice:

1. Don't be average. Average brands don’t make fans.

2. Don't be slow. Your customers will move on.

3. Don't be generic. Connect on a personal level.

In short, be remarkable.

Ask yourself this: Who is in your fan club, and how passionately are they promoting your brand?