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Inspire Me

What does your company stand for? If you can’t answer that question quickly and with conviction, you may want to take a hard look at your corporate mission statement.

These days, people are beginning to realize that connecting your company—and your employees—with a larger purpose is a great way to give life and substance to your organization. Many brands are tapping into this trend and using it to drive powerful marketing campaigns.

Secret’s campaign to connect with teens is one of my favorites. What is it that teens care about? Teen bullying. The new #MeanStinks campaign takes the issue head on. Championing a cause that your customers truly care about and tying it to your brand to drive engagement is the name of the game today. And if you ask me, Secret really nailed it with this new campaign.

Another one of my favorites is the Kind Bar  “you're #kindawesome” campaign.  It encourages customers to give each other roses with a personalized message. This approach is unexpected and sweet—and way more effective than the obvious granola bar giveaway.  #ToyotaGiving will donate funds to world hunger if you share a picture of what you’re passionate about. The American Express #PassionProject features customers sharing their expertise with the community at large. IBM is helping the world by building a #SmarterPlanet.

These brands know something about tapping into the human spirit. It's a laudable and incredibly effective strategy to connect with a greater cause.  It’s all about tying your brand to something that matters to your core customer on a personal level. It's never about a product. It's about making a connection.

Great people (and great brands) are purpose-driven. Ask yourself, what is my company’s motivation? If it doesn’t inspire you, it likely doesn’t inspire your customers.

So what are you waiting for?  Inspire me.