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The Digital You

It's tough to have a generic name these days. As a John Thompson or Mary Lee, you’re competing against a universe of peers for 'findability' in the digital world. I got lucky, I just have one doppelgänger named Tami Cannizzaro, so it’s pretty easy to find me on Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter. But does it really matter?  Do you need to spend time on making sure you are on page one of search results  rather than getting some actual work done?

Here's my thinking.  As a marketer, it's important to show you understand personal branding.  These days, the “digital you” is more important than ever. Here are a few easy steps to make yourself stand out and become a stand-out member of the digital community.

  • Influencer Status:  Take some time to think about your Twitter persona. Who are you and what are you bringing to the table?  Make your profile interesting—potential followers will read it before deciding to follow you back. Done well, your Twitter profile and contribution to #Marketing, #CMO, and #Brand conversation streams will help you to be seen as a thought leader.
  • The Visual You: Do yourself a favor and get a good profile photo to share across your social properties.   If you think you have a “face for radio,” don’t let that stop you from adding a great visual representation.  Try experimenting with different types of media —video, webcasts, interviews, or podcasts—to expand your digital footprint.
  • Tribe Up:  Start to engage and build your community.   Followers are a great way to start — but make sure you take it to the next level and reach out to engage people on a more personal level.   On line engagement platforms, like Triberr, are a great way to support fellow bloggers and build your on-line network.

Keep in mind that prior to a meeting or interview, more than 40 percent of people will search for you on Google, review your LinkedIn profile or look you up on Facebook.  So whether you’re job-seeeking,  working to stay relevant, or trying to meet new colleagues, a fresh digital profile is a must. Take pride in the digital you.