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Turning Photo Sharing Into Brand Building

Have you noticed that we have become a snapshot-obsessed, photo-sharing world? Facebook, Instagram, Path, and the new darling of social… Pinterest are taking over. Content across the social web has become more visual than ever before.
I have to admit, up until recently, I found Pinterest about as compelling as my daughters latest diarama project … But then I had an epiphany one night while searching on ideas for a holiday party. People were sharing some damn good ideas! So I created a vision board.  And right then it hit me: why bookmark someone else's web site when I can create my own?  And there you have it–the reason why the web has become so much more "Pinteresting."  Today's vision boards have moved into the hands of the consumer.  And like most people, I'd much rather see ideas from my friends in visual format. Such a simple idea, and yet, so powerful. 

Most brands are still wondering how to use photo sharing apps to push their messages. There's no good answer to that, because it's the wrong question. Instead, try starting with a picture that expresses emotion–one that can be understood in a moment's glance. That connection will become part of the fabric of their vision board. And others may recognize it as something familiar. They may add it to their vision board and make it their own defining moment. Start with the intent to influence one customer, and then ten, and then hundreds, and let the love of your brand, your cause, and your message shine through.
So how is your brand weaving itself into the fabric of your customers lives? Can your message be captured in a vision board? Or is it still a one-way push? Take action now to humanize–and visually communicate–your brand. It's the only way to be sure that your customer will get the picture.