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It’s not social, It’s human

I've spent a lot of time on the sidelines with social.  I'd come up with thousands of excuses. Among them, "I'm not a teenager," "it's too hard," "I spend too much energy on email already," and on and on.

At some point, I realized there were no more legitimate excuses. So I opened a Twitter account, I updated LinkedIn, and built a Facebook profile.

I was plodding along, mostly lurking, sometimes posting, until slowly I began to make connections. You live in Chappaqua? You're a working mom? You work in marketing? Me too, me too, me too! At some point, the technology faded away and it wasn't about building my Twitter following, it was about finding these kinds of “me too” moments.

I've met some amazing people through social— the best moms, the best marketers, and the best of friends. I'm learning that social is about nothing more—and nothing less—than a means of embracing these connections.

So what started out as a quest for a social following has evolved into a search for people who are great to know. I've stopped counting Facebook fans and started counting new friends.

Are you social? Of course you are. We’re only human, after all.