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Tapping into the Human Spirit

Every time the Olympic Games come around, I’m reminded why I love it: The spirit, the competition, the drama – the whole vibe is nothing short of contagious.

The London Olympics this summer were made up of many moments when the whole world seemed to connect and collectively engage. Among my favorites: the first Saudi woman in history to compete in track and field, the U.S. “Fabulous Five” gymnastics team’s gold medal victory, Andy Murray’s smashing win over Roger Federer for the gold in men’s tennis, and Oscar Pistorius, a South African paraplegic, competing to run the 400-meter race.

The advertising during the games has been particularly powerful, successfully aligning with the overall spirit of the Olympics. P&G was the standout in my opinion — tapping into the emotion of a mother’s pride and dedication with the slogan, “While the rest of the world honors Olympic athletes, P&G honors the moms who got them there.” Needless to say, this campaign struck a chord with moms on my block and around the world.

As the Olympics come to a close, I find myself remembering a time when my dreams were bigger — when there were no limits. The experience leaves me with a renewed sense of the beauty and endurance of the human spirit. The Olympics are a mother’s dream, a child’s dream, an athletes dream, and let’s face it, a marketer’s dream. A dream of a better time, a better place and a better world where we’re all connected—and we’re all playing on the same team.

As marketers, our job is to connect. We try to find moments that can be captured, harnessed and remembered. I suggest we look no further than the Olympics for inspiration.