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Making Micro-Moments Count

Our love affair with smart devices has turned the traditional marketing world upside-down. The radical shift in the marketing landscape has transformed the way consumers read, view and buy just about everything. Brands must capture an interested audience within seconds. Google calls this approach “micro-moments.” Let’s go back to the traditional ways we used to create a consumer message. Historically, read more »

Finding the ‘Why’ For Your Brand

The shift in the dynamic between customers and companies has changed in an extreme way over the past few years. Consumers are savvier than ever.  And so building brand advocacy takes a new approach.  The goal is no longer to sell a product but rather to make a meaningful connection. Let’s look at one of the most well-known examples read more »

10 Ways to Boost Organic Search

The internet is constantly evolving.   On the plus side, this means that the old rules of backlinks and blackhat techniques have thankfully gone the way of the landline.   On the minus side, this means keeping up with the ever changing algorithm of Google search.  When you take advantage of organic search techniques, you get access read more »